where is the fuel pump relay located on 1990 Volvo 240

replaced internal and external fuel pump and fuel filter, but cannot find where the fuel pump relay is located

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The relay is located under the dash on the right side. Remove the round black clips on the under-dash cover and you'll see the white relay attached to a metal bracket.
thanks for the info ~ you are TOTALLY correct ... spent most of the day yesterday searching and finally found it myself, replaced it, and the car started right up!! liz
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It is above the fuse box at your left foot sitting in the driver's seat. Look at I think they have a picture of the relay in the parts catalog. The Europeans may call it a tachometic relay they fail often and intermittently.
appreciate your response, but that seems to be the location for the fuel pump relay on turbo or diesel engines ~ need the location for gasoline / fuel injected please and thank you.