Where is the fuel pump relay located? on 2003 Ford Escort

I was driving and all of a sudden it lost momemtum and the shut off. I tried to start it back up, it would turn over but not crank. At one point I got it cranked but when I went to press on the accelerator it cut off. It later began to sputter.

by in Woodstock, IL on July 28, 2010
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Working on this as a crank and no start, pulled plug and grounded it, no spark, went to end of fuel rail and pushed in the shrader valve, some fuel came out and stopped, while pushing in shrader va...
Have looked in my repair manual and cannot find it.
my car car wont start. i have changed the fuel filter. i cant find the fuel sensor dont know where it is located at?
My car has heat but the fan will not work. What would be wrong with it and what would the repair cost?

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