Where is the fuel pump located and what do have to do to replace it? on 1997 Ford Probe

If it is below rear seat, how do I get to it?

Asked by for the 1997 Ford Probe
This fuel pump is located in the fuel tank and can only be accessed by lowering the gas tank from under the car and then removing the fuel pump from the top side of the tank. It doesn't take a lot of special tools to replace but having a car hoist/lift makes the job a lot easier.
Well, I happen to bolt on a hitch to the underside of the tank and I have to take it off now. I see no straps around the bottom of the tank; how do you take it off to take the pump off?
There will be 2 straps that run under this gas tank. They are most likely going to be attached and unbolted from the front of the tank. Be careful to drop the tank down only part way and then disconnect all fuel lines, wires, and the fill tube from the tank. It is very easy to break fuel lines and parts of the fuel pump housing. Release the fuel pressure ahead of time so you don't get gas sprayed in your face.

Have you tested and confirmed that this fuel pump is bad? This is a big undertaking if it is just a guess.