Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a 1990 2.2 4cyl ? on 1990 Chevrolet Corsica

Car runs good most of the time , but has got to where it will run like it is on one cylinder, I have replaced the plugs,wires, coil packs, computer, fuel filter and it still does it, As long as I baby it ,It will run okay, but if I drive it normal it will run like it is choking, I have also removed the converter. Not sure what to do?

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Where the pressure regulator is not relevant. What is the running fuel pressure and volume?
Is the check engine light on? You need to be able to view the serial data with a scan tool not a code reader. You could have a bad O2 sensor.
The engine light is not on, I just want to know where the regulator is located.
So what I'm reading is you just want to shoot parts at it instead of fixing the problem. In my 46 years of experience I have never had to replace the fuel pressure regulator on this type of fuel injection system. AGAIN what are the trouble codes.
If you can't just answer the question that I ask to start with STOP RESPONDING !!!!! There are no codes and no lights on.Maybe someone else out there has the common since to just answer the question that someone is asking without trying to sound like they know everything.Thank you for the help that you did not give .
I have plenty of "common since". It appears that you already know everything.
You can be helped only if you want help.
If I knew everything I would not be asking the ORIGINAL QUESTION, Of which you have never answered, So unless you plan on using some of that so called common since you think you have and answer the question, You can go try to make someone else think you know it all. Goodbye.
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change your computer,the prom card transferes from the old computer to the new one. a rebuilt computer will cost about $90 and to have it install about another $100. call if you want 870-416-2414