Where is the flow restrictor located on 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Coolant flow restictor valve

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Why don't you tell us what you are having a problem with that leads you to think that a "coolant restrictor valve" needs to be located? Then we can give a better, more informative answer!
Absolutely. I have no heat, New thermo, hoses with heat on don't get warm, new coolant, been flushed.
It doesn't have a heater control valve that will cause a restriction. Most likely the heater core is restricted and needs to be flushed out. With the engine fully warmed up, grasp each heater hose, both should be hot enough to make you want to let go of them. If not the hot coolant from the engine is not flowin through the heater core! Search youtube, there are several useful videos to heip you do this flush.
I done that with no success. Both hoses are cool. I was about to change the core but someone said I should try the valve or the blend door first.
I do thank you for taking time and helping me!
Blend door will NOT effect heater hose temp. Make SURE you have bled all the air from the system and it is full of coolant! Still look at the youtube video on how to flush the heater core,, or have a repair shop do it using water and air pressure. Is the tempture gauge reading normal??? BOTH them heater hoses got to be hot before you get good heater output!
Yea the temp goes to normal condition, today to try to get an answer for myself on it, I drove 21 miles with it on high and stopped and jumped out and check the hoses and the only warm place on the hoses was a small section near the motor that was just warm from engine. I think I bled it good when I flushed it out. Took just over 2 gallons of coolant/water to fill it up. I never heard of a blend door until this, I'm taking it \from what you are saying about temp, it's not under the hood and maybe say behind instr panel. I'll watch a video on flushing the core:)
BOTH heater hoses have got to be HOT all the way to the firewall to get good heater output! With a restricted heater core coolant cannot circulate from the engine into the heater core and back to the engine!! If this flow circuit was unrestricted, then BOTH heater hoses will be as hot as the upper radiator hose is, all the way from engine to firewall. Flush or replace the heater core 'itself' as flushing the entire cooling system aint going to do it! You have NOT flushed the heater core yet!
Okey Dokey master chief, I just done what the package said to do, splice the hose to the block, plug in garden hose, turn on water open radiator and p-cock, turn on heater full, and start car, run until clear.
I have a heater core, I'll get started changing it, THANK YOU!! I should have just done this to start with instead of listening to the "parts" guy. Thanks a bunch Pushrod.
U bet!