Where is the expansion valve located on a Toyota Previa 1992? on 1992 Toyota Previa

Refrigerant runs out very quickly took it to Toyota and they said that it is the magnetic valve but I found out from you guys that it is expansion valve. Can I replace this myself and also where is it located,

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if you have not worked with freon, I suggest you let a shop do it. It is very dangerous stff and requires special equipment.
the valve is by the evap in the ac case in the car. that along with the reciever/dryer will have to be replaced and then evac and charge the system.

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Mastertech is right but there's a recall on the expansion valve. Ask the dealer service guy about it. He might not be aware of it. I justhad mine replaced for free after the dealer wanted me to pay an astronomical amount for it. I mentioned the camopaign and the Service tech had no idea what I was talking about until he ran my VIN through their system. A free repair on an 18 year old van. Can't beat that.