Where is the EVAP canister & EVAP management valve located on a 2010, F-150,FX4? on 2010 Ford F-150

I have had a formal diagnostic done by a local Ford dealership only to be informed that I need to replace the EVAP canister as well as the EVAP management valve.

by in Austin, TX on February 15, 2013
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ANSWER by , February 15, 2013
it's mounted above where your spare tire is.what were the symptoms/dtcs?
COMMENT by , February 15, 2013
My engine will not sustain combustion once I start my vehicle. This issue only manifests itself upon the refilling of my fuel tank. After several (3 to 4) attempts to start the vehicle it will finally start and sustain combustion on a long term bases. I have replaced my purge valve solenoid, but that did not remedy the issue. In support of these this set of symptoms, I have had a formal diagnostic done by a local Ford dealership only to be informed that I need to replace the EVAP canister as well as the EVAP management valve. I was under the impression that the EVAP canister is located in front of the fuel tank and mounted to the frame of the truck, just under the drivers/passenger door post. As for the EVAP management valve, I was also under the impression that this component is mounted on the fire wall under hood.
COMMENT by , November 18, 2013
I am having the same issue. Did replacing the canister fix the problem? 2010 ford 150 fx4
COMMENT by , January 29, 2014
I was having the same issues. The diagnostics came back that I needed to replace the canister purge valve. To replace this and reset the cods ending up costing me 270.00. I was wondering, how much of a rip-off this is. does anyone have detailed instructions on how to replace the canister valve? so far, my problem is solved. I just hated paying that steep a price for something that maybe I could have done myself. thanks.
COMMENT by , February 20, 2014
For a 5.4L V8 Flex...canister Purge Valve--centered right behind the throttle body. Should see a hose with a quick disconnect and an electrical connector on one side (driver's). Opposite (passenger) side has another 6-8 inch hose that runs from the valve to the engine with a quick disconnect on the engine side. The valve itselve is about 2-3" long, black cylinder (google Motorcraft CX2447 for picture)! Very easy to replace yourself (5 min job). Remove the electrical connector (push in on rear side and pull), remove the two quick connects by squeezing the gray prongs and pushing the connector outward. Hose should slide right off. Pull valve off of bracket (there is a rubber piece that holds it on--it will slide off of the metal bracket, but have to wiggle it loose), replace part, reconnect hoses/elect and you're done. Just make sure the hoses are fully seated. The actual canister is a black box on the inside of the frame beneath the driver side (have to get under the truck pretty far to see it). It has about 3 hoses running to it from the fuel tank. On side facing the front of the vehicle, you'll see a hose that runs up through the firewall to the purge valve. I think the problem could be the valve, a bad canister solenoid (located on the rear side of the canister), or a kink in the hose that is creating a vacuum in the tank. I have same problem. There is a Service Bulletin on it, says to replace the valve. I eventually got a service engine light with code 1450--excessive fuel tank vacuum. Remote possibility that the vacuum could have damaged some of the fuel pump components as well--going to try the easy fix first (valve, then solenoid). We'll see. Found part online for about $70...dealer is charging $107. Job is allocated about 0.6 hr labor according to my repair manual. Be careful to get right part though...SEVERAL websites were giving the wrong one for my truck (CX2049 instead of CX2447)--take a look at the pics and compare with your truck before ordering!
COMMENT by , July 15, 2014
puffy, got the same code,1450, did you ever fix the problem, what did you have to do? Thanks.