Where is the ETC (engine coolant temp) sensor? on 2005 Chrysler 300

I had the code checked on my car today & it shows code P0128 - coolant level was ok, thermostat appears ok But I don't know where the sensor is located. We recently had numerous repairs done & I wondered if they knocked it loose

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Where is the engine control temp sensor on a 2005 Chrysler v6 300 touring
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the code indicates the temp of the motor is not where it should be after a period of time. most times it is the thermostat. do not assume it is ok until it is checked for proper operation.

i hate to say this but those sensors do not come loose. they have lock tight on the bolts. they fail and set codes and apparently that what happened to you.
sounds like you had a very bad expierence with yor dealer. take it somewhere else to have the repairs verified and check the coolant sensor.

We will check the thermostat also, but the thing is we had a tune up last week & replaced EGR then engine light came on & car stopped in dealers lot when we picked it up, left it there, picked it up 2 days later & engine light came on- said the air throttle sensors was loose. Did a bunch of computer updates, was idling rough afterwards-Found throttle control sensor faulty. Just picked up car Monday, after they had it 1 week. That is why we wanted to check connection of the ETC. This was a dealership repair & we will never go there again. Had to involve the District Manager to get as far as we did.