where is the door actuator for air inlet passenger side? on 1998 Cadillac Seville STS

How do you replace it?

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Remove the right side hush panel, the actuator is there on the HVAC case. While installing, do not plug it in until it is mounted in place.
Well can you help me figur because the passenger side always stays hot but the driver side will adjust it to temperaturee out is there separate actuator doors for right and left sides for example the drivers side works just fine like as if nothing is wrong but the passenger side stage that one temperature and its just hot what actuator door will fix that and also keep in mind all mods work for both sides so when I change modes it will go from floor to middle Dash and then on top of the dash no problems. I only see the one actuator door underneath the glove box but that actuator is working
On top of the box. Dash pad will more the likely have to be pulled.
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my 1998 Seville is cold on driver side and hot on passanger side
Change the rh temp door actuator
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