where is the distributor located on 1994 BMW 740i

just bought this car and would like to check the rotor and cap looks like it may be under the engine which seems realy strange to me

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This car has DIS, Direct Ignition System, there is an ignition coil installed to the top of each spark plugs, so there are 8 ignition coils all together.
There is no distributor cap and rotor.

You can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here:

Thanks ZeeTech, Yes I see the ignition coils. So the spark is sequenced from a controll module then I suppose.

So I'm guessing I have a carburation issue then. She runs a little rough, better after warmed up. Thought maybe I had week ignigtion but not likely with this system.
Yes, the ignition / firing is controlled by the DME (Digital Motor Electronics) computer based on signals from various sensors.
No carburetor, It has a fuel injection system. I'd check spark plugs (make sure there are no Bosch Platinums are installed, if yes, replace them with NGK plugs), fuel filter and fuel pressure, Intake gasket leak, Air flow sensor.
The best thing would be to take it to a BMW specialty shop and ask them for a diagnostic. They can run a complete diagnostic test on it.