Where is the crankshaft position sensor? on 1996 Nissan Pickup (D21)

I have been told of 5 different locations for it. I'm trying to verify its location before i start taking things off that don't need to be.

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Not sure why you are going after that sensor....better read the paragraph I pasted below.

The crankshaft position sensor (OBD) is located on the transmission housing facing the gear teeth (cogs) of the flywheel or drive plate. It detects the fluctuation of the engine revolution. The sensor consists of a permanent magnet, core and coil. When the engine is running, the high and low parts of the teeth cause the gap with the sensor to change.
The changing gap causes the magnetic field near the sensor to change.
Due to the changing magnetic field, the voltage from the sensor changes.
The ECM receives the voltage signal and detects the fluctuation of the engine revolution.
This sensor is not used to control the engine system. It is used only for the on board diagnosis of misfire.

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In the top of the bell housing directly behind the cylinder head, 10 mm headed bolt holds the shield and the sensor in place