where is the crank senor located. on 2005 Chevrolet Impala

where is the position of the crank sensor on the 2005 impala. Is it hard to do it yourself?

Sensor A is behind the harmonic balancer, Sensor B is Left Rear on engine. They're not hard to replace, it's just how difficult they are too get to.
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Depends on what engine option you have the 3.4liter engine has 2 different is on side of block and the other is other is on the front of the engine behind crankshaft pulley.
Both 3.8 liter engines have 1 sensor in front behind crankshaft pulley.
I do have the 3.4 engine. Is it a do it youself ? Is that the driver side of the block?
I suspect that you could be barking up wrong tree going after the sensor. They do not fail too often and difficult to diagnose without using lab scope to check it. It would be more likely the one behind crankshaft pulley can set up a problem. What codes?
I did a tune up on the car. The check engine comes on so I took it to have the codes read. Now I have a random missfire and crank sensor come up. I get crapy aceleration when I hit the gas. What else could it be?
Hard to say for sure...P0300 I assume is the ramdom missfire code...what is the crankshaft code?