where is the control module located? on 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

replacing module.where is it located?

Which control module are you talking about? The 3 most important are the PCM, BCM, & the TCM. The Powertrain Control Module, (PCM) Which is located in the front left engine compartment next to the Power Distribution Center, (PDC)Then there is the Body Control Module (BCM) which is located under driver side instrument panel above the brake pedal, behind junction box. then the Transmission Control Module, (TCM) located in the right hand side of the engine compartment. Furthermore, it is important to understand the difference in module, and control module. For instance, the bag of an air bag could be a module, however, the Air Bag Control Module, (ACM) and/or other Control Modules, have a computer and a wiring connector and or harness integrated to it. This is for a 2000 Grand Caravan, 1998 may be similar.
Transmission Control Module [TCM] code PO698
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Transmission Control Module [TCM] code Po698
There are several control modules on this vehicle. Can you tell me what control module you are looking for? What engine does it have in it?
It works the headlights &radio. It has a 3.8
I think you are talking about the Body control Module (BCM). It is mounted to the back of the junction block (fuse panel) under the dash panel to the left of the brake pedal.
Driver side wheel well