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2001 Pontiac Grand Am Question: Where is the clutch slave cylinder located?

The plastic clip on the end of the clutch push rodbroke. I got a replacement push rod with new clip. I want to put new clip on the end of the existing push rod, which I have done, but i can't push the old push rod back to reinsert new clip in slot on the top of the clutch pedal. I was told to open the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder so that you are not trying to press against the pressure plate when you push the rod into the master cylinder. -
Answer 1
Should not have to open any bleeder to install this part! That will just create more problems. IF the rod is NOT adjustable, loosen master cyl fasteners but do not remove it. Hook up the rod, retighten mast. cyl. -
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Where is the clutch master cylinder located? -
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Google images! Get some hands-on help with this. -