where is the charging sensor located on 2007 Chevrolet Malibu

car would click when you would turn the key on finally today it wouldnt start at all i was told it was the charging sensor i want to know where it is located on the motor and how hard is it to put on

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your charging sensor. I would think that yuor alternator might not work.
auto zone put it on that machine that tells u what is wrong and it said the charging sensor i just wondered where on the motor it is located mabey save myself some money and replace it myself
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Agree with answer 1. Have the alternator checked.
Ask the mechanic at autozone to get the 'charging sensor' --Maybe he called it something else? No listing for a charging sensor on Autozones website. Save yourself money by having the car checked by a shop equipped to properly diagnose it.Sorry about the 'cold' tone , but that is how I think you will save money, and I'm all about that!