2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Q&A

2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Question: Where is the brake fluid resivoir?

There is a flickering light that comes on the dash and someone told us that we needed to add brake fluid but we don't know where to put the fluid. -
Answer 1
What light was flickering? That same person should also tell you where the fluid is located. That light could be something else wrong with your braking system and we need more information. -
Comment 1
It was on the left side dash, and it was a dotted circle that was flickering. The guys said that usually means that you need to add brake fluid. But didn't tell me where to put it. I was in my other car when he told me this information. -
Comment 2
That sounds like the brake lining light. Your pads may be worn out. You need to look through your rims to see how much brake pad material you have remaining. If you wear through the pad material and the metal backing plate grabs the rotors you get new rotors when you finally get a very expensive brake job. -
Answer 2
Hello i would reccomend a complete brake inspection due to you should not have to add brake fluid to you system due to it is a closed system.The system stay full until the friction material is worn down or there is a hydraulic fluid leak.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO. -