1999 Toyota Camry Q&A

1999 Toyota Camry Question: Where is the blower motor resistor pack located?

I've got the small side panel under the glove box open but don't know what's what. Also, when I look up "blower motor resistor pack" on the net, no one seems to distinguish between the blower motor itself and the resistor pack. Thanks! -
Answer 1
Usually the resistor is mounted at or near the blower motor on the engine side of the firewall -
Answer 2
It's behind the glove box. You have to remove the glove box to get to it. -
Answer 3
You will have to remove the glove box. The blower motor resistor is on the top of the duct work. It is held in place with 2 Phillips screws. There is also a plug in the top of it. I took mine all the way out and gimped along with the blower only working on High. I have since replaced the blower, this resistor and an now looking to order a new switch! Good luck! -