Where is the battery located for this car on 1996 Chrysler Sebring

need to locate battery for this car.

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The battery is located inside the wheel well in front of the drivers side tire. You have to remove the tire, remove a couple of screws holding the inside of the wheel well in place
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In front of the left front tire, there is a removable plastic/rubber panel held in place with 7 or 8 phillips head screws. After removing the tire ( left front) remove the panel. The battery is sitting on a shelf behind the left front headlight.
The panel can be removed without pulling the tire off, but the battery cannot be removed unless the wheel is off.
To get to the screws, you will have to turn the wheel hard right to remove some and to the left to remove the others. Free the panel from against the firewall then pull it out from behind the edge of the left front quarter panel.
Tommy, Bonita Springs, Florida
The battery is located in front of the drivers front tire. You will have to turn the sterring wheel into the body to see the battery.