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2002 Kia Rio Question: Where is the airbag control module and how do I reset it (hard code erase)

I am told this can be reset and the hard codes (accident data) erased. I have a light on and dealer cannot shut it off as they cant communicate with the module. I did not own the car when it had an accident. Suggestions?? Dont want to pull the light and wont pay ridiculous price for new module. -
Answer 1
You have no choice you have to replace module. -
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myairbags.com says different. Opinion? -
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Where is it located? -
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Under front center floor console. It is called an Air Bag Diagnostic Unit. I can't beleive the dealer hasn't told you that it has to be replaced. That's one of the unfortunate problems in buying a Kia. what you don't pay for up front for you will pay for when you need it repaired or have to buy parts. -
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So under the cowling where the e brake is, etc? Is there not a reset switch or hole to use a paper clip on etc? -
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Center of the dash, forwrd of the center console. No there is no reset. -
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bliell, I want to stress how important you supplemental restraint system is. My 85 year old mother owned a 2005 Scion XB. October 11 she was involved in a accident. If she did not have air bags she would not be here. The car was a total loss. She walked away. HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH! At least the cost of a module, right. -
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I have removed the control unit and I am looking for a new one. I am still thinking of having it reset at myairbags.com. Suggestions? -
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If you can reset it and it works I'd like to know if you can please. -
Answer 2
there is a recall on certain kia rio's 2002-2008. if yours is one you should receive something in the mail this month dont touch it until you get a letter from kia. -