Where is the AC expansion valve is located at on 2004 SAAB 93? on 2004 Saab 9-5

Also wondering how easy it is replace and if there is any good online information on how to do it. Shop wants $500, which is crazy in my book.

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It's not crazy. In fact that's reasonable.
Wow! PARTS GUY you have such a helpful response.

I can buy the part new for less than $50, and I can get the refrigerant recharge done for $100. That leaves $350 labor for turn nuts/bolts and tubing fitting. Hmm I am thinking I can do that myself on a Saturday afternoon. I guess its not crazy if you have no mechanical skills, if you get my drift.
GOOD LUCK! You try to do it yourself and you'll wish you would have spent the "$350".
You might try blowing smoke somewhere else.

I changed out the AC expansion valve on my 2004 SAAB 93 with no problems and it is very easy to do. If anyone needs the procedure let me know I have it and I took picture along the way as well. It takes around 3 hours to do once you understand what you need to do and I am not a professional. Anyone can do this. Don’t let the shops charge you $500. I did my for under $150 and that also included changing our the cabin air filter since it was accessible during the change out.
Speaking of blowing smoke..jdkoch...where did you discharge the existing refrigerant? Did you just open the system and vent to atmosphere , or was it evacuated by the shop before you replaced your part? Keep us posted on how long your A/C continues working and let us know how the warranty ....oh wait did your own work warranty .Damn.