where is petcock located on 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

Car wont start no antifreeze

by in Point, TX on January 11, 2011
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ANSWER by , January 21, 2013
You have to get the anti-freeze into the anti-freeze tank which is a clear tank in the car near the engine. Also if the car won't start, it could be the battery might be dead. So take your car to your local mechanic or dealership and they will replace the battery for you, which will cost you between $65-150 depending on what brand they use. Also, have them check all of the other fluids in the car besides the anti-freeze and they will fill them up for you but that will also cost you between $25-50.00. Hope this helps and good luck.
ANSWER by , January 11, 2011
wow. that is not good. the petcock is the bottom of the radiator. in your case, i would remove the lower hose to allow for more movement. hope it did not crack the block. Roy
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
i tried to start it and it made a funny sound should i drain the water and put antifreeze and water in it it still has water in it
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
it has to thaw out and drain before you do anything. i believe the sound is the motor unable to turn because the water pump is frozen solid. when it freezes like this, ice expands and could crack the bloc. you wont know till it is drained and coolant installed and see if it runs and holds pressure. Roy
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
We found the radiator where is the petcock
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
once again, the petcock may be too small of an outlet for the water or ice to escape. remove the lower hose form either the radiaot or the motor and let it hange till it thaws. is the temp up enough for the ice to thaw?? if not, then you need a garage to help the process. Roy
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
I really appreciate ur help i had just paid this car off. But u think it will be ok
COMMENT by , January 11, 2011
the only way you will know is when it thaws out and you get coolant in it. i would still take it to a shop and let them check it for you before you put it back in service. Roy