where is no. one piston on a 2007 toyota highlander 3.3 v6 on 2007 Toyota Highlander

i want to know where is number one cylinder is on a 2007 toyota highlander v6 3.3

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Passenger side front plug. 135 on the right 246 on the left. Number one is always the closest cylinder to the front of the engine!
thank you, looks like no.1 is next to the firewall.
Correct, standing behind the engine flywheel, the right side.
i was afraid of that, the hardest one to get to. thank you very much for your answer.
U welcom and it is a pain! Engine misfire? And do the coils still feed two cylinders each?
If so and # 1 has a misfire it could be the coil which is on the front bank i think. If you are lucky.
i changed the timing belt. the instrutions said make sure no. 1 is top dead center. thats why i wanted to know where one was. i got it all back together and it purrs like a kitten. thanks for your help.
Good deal.
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PATIENTLY remove upper intake plenum to get to rear bank plugs..........never mind........just saw...the rest of the story.........
thank you just the same. merry christmas
Merry Christmas, from all at RepairPal.