where is my fuel relay switch? on 1999 Ford Explorer

me and my husband have recently noticed our fuel pump is acting up and we cant find the fuel relay switch any where we have checked under the passenger kick board and in the back of the truck in the left side storage area. please help me find it i have a 1999 ford explorer xls

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The inertia fuel cut off switch will not fix itself, so if your problem is intermittent, this won't be the cause.
someone told me to try the inertia switch to see if it will help. Do happen to have any addvise on how to know if it is indeed my fuel pump going bad? thank you for every bit of your help mr.davejhm.
When an inertia switch trips, the truck will not start again until you reset it. Obviously you are having an intermittent problem, without having reset the switch.

The only way to truly know if your fuel pump is going bad is to have a fuel pressure test performed. A good technician can hook up a pressure gauge and check pressure with the key on, and then check for bleed down. The pressure should be constant.

What are your symptoms?
my truck sounds like it wants to start but just wont start. recently a man put some starter fluid in it and taped on the fuel pump and it ran for maybe a day or two and has recently stoped again the man told me it was my fuel pump he said it must of completly went out but i cant get it started to even take it to a shop i havent the cash to get it towed toget the pessure test at this point the money i have after paying my bills would be just enough to get a part for the truck and pay to have it fixed. so and as always thank you for any help you give.
Not entirely sure how you tap on the fuel pump on this vehicle without dropping the fuel tank.... Maybe I'm mistaken.

Testing is better than guessing, for sure. What if you spend your hard earned cash on a fuel pump that doesn't fix things? That would be quite frustrating. The pumps in a 99 Explorer are not specifically known for failure. That said, anything can happen.

Does your THEFT light stay solid when you crank the engine?
theft light continually blinks when trying to start my ford explorer 1999
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It is called an inertia swittch. Look in your owners manual, it tells you where it;s at.
thank you so much