1990 BMW 325i Q&A

1990 BMW 325i Question: where is my blower motor?

where is my blower moter for my heat and ac? -
Answer 1
Under neath the glove box under the dash in the heater box or plenum. -
Comment 1
so i need to take the glove box out? -
Answer 2
I thought the blower motor is under the fresh air intake cowl near the wiper motor and it can be accessed from under the hood after the fresh air duct is removed. Zee -
Comment 1
I dont know all i know is i have a 1990 bmw 325i convertable if you know for sure where that blower motor is let me know -
Comment 2
I checked this morning in the manual: Component Location Inside fresh air intake cowl You can get access to it from under the hood. Zee -
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