Where is fuel filter located on 2000 Ford Taurus

our cars engine turns off when traveling 65 to 70 mph. Shift light briefly bleanked. Both speedometer and the tach dropped to 0. runs fine at 50 to 60 mph. with minor fluxuation on the tach when driving at a constant speed. We have been told it could be the fuel filter and or fuel pump going out. We need some advice.

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It would really be best to scan your engine computer for codes. It will save a lot of time and hopefully prevent guessing. for example, if you fuel filter is plugged, you may have a P0171 code, which indicates system lean, same thing with your fuel pump. Good Luck!

The Fuel Filter is located underneath the vehicle near the drivers side frame rail. There are special clips that need a special tool, so have someone who has experience do the job or you can damage the clips, the fuel lines and cause a fuel leak. I used to work at Ford Dealerships and I have seen experienced Techs damage the fuel lines or fuel clips many times. Good Luck!
we did have it scanned and it didnt show anything. all of the evidence points to the fuel filter.The mechanic thinks is the furl filter. I just need to know where it is located. thanks
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fuel filter on ford taruas should be under frame of car on passenger side and shut off switch in trunk of sedan or cargo department.