where is fuel filter on 1990 Honda Civic

Th e engine cut out like out of fuel a few times then it cut out for good.I looked for a fuel filter but could not locate.

by in Richmond, CA on December 19, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on December 28, 2010
There are a few common things occur on Hondas that sound could be the cause of your problem. 1. the fuel pump could be going out, when you turn the key into position 2 do you hear the fuel pump prime? 2. The main relay could be going bad or making bad connection. When you turn the key into the second position the relay usually makes a "click" noise from under the dash. 3. sometimes the coil or ignitor for the distributor goes bad. check for spark. If your looking for the fuel filter it is in the engine bay on the passenger side and is black.
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