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2001 Toyota Solara Question: where is EGR valve for 2001 toyota solara?

2001 toyota solara engine light is on and off? people tell me may be the EGR valve but I don't know where and how to clean or replace it? can some one tell me ? -
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its a v6 and 3.0 engine -
Answer 2
Go get the engine trouble code read from an autoparts store for free and post result here so we can advise you. -
Answer 3
Is the light flashing continuously at times? Guessing can get very expensive and frustrating. Give more accurate/detailed description of problem and what your 'skill level' is and maybe we can help more. Good luck. -
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No flashing, its stayed on for a day or few hours and off for a day or more. I don't know which one is EGR valve is!!! -
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IF you are not familiar with the SYSTEM , then it may be in your best interest, to let a shop diagnose and repair the problem. Good luck , either way. -