1999 Volkswagen Passat Q&A

1999 Volkswagen Passat Question: where can i find the control module abs in my car? how does it looks?

i have been told that my 1999 vw passat needs to be fixed, the control module abs is not working properly... thats the reason why the abs light comes on and off when i am on the road as the parking brake light do... -
Answer 1
We would love to help you with your ABS issue, feel free to give us a call @ (877)382-0815 -
Answer 2
www.passatworld.com abs failure is a common module problem, there are plenty of people on pw that fix them (design flaw) for $100+ i think module masters has a write up for removal. -
Answer 3
on the driver sode right below the the coolant reservor . . what ever you do . don't buy the new abus from the dealer. Eas to replace can get by with replacing for about $300.00 -