Where exactly is location of PCV valve? on 1992 Chevrolet S10

I have an oil leak into my air filter and have been informed I should change the PVC Valve. I purchased and now can not find the old part to replace. Is it hidden from top view?

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The PCV valve is located on top of the valve cover. Chevy actual had a recall on the valve as it was seizing up in cold climate areas. Valve should be under $10 and simple to replace. Its toward the rear of the engine just around where the air snorkel passes over the valve cover.
Sounds simple enough but I still can not locate it. I have disconnected the hose that seems to be the one pointed out but no luck. Now I am gently pulling the piece that was in the hose but I do not want to break anything so I am not pulling hard. I have a photograph of my engine and the part the auto store sold me. Anyway I can upload the photo?
I've been having the same problem and finally found this on another website:

"I have a 1992 chevy S10 with a 4 banger and I've spent the six years I've owned it trying to find a PCV valve. I have always been too embarrest to ask anyone. I even bought one six years ago and it is still in the glove box!!! Finally one day I asked my father who has owned a chain of auto parts stores for 40+ years to try and find it. After laughing at me for a while, I finally asked him to show me where it is. What do you know... he couldn't find it either. This sparked a long research through all his parts books, and finally he found a foot note that mentions "most S10's of this vintage use a very common part #blah blah... but very few were built without PCV's" I guess you and I have one of those "very few.""
Yep, I finally had a mechannic look at it. Actually I was in the shop about to leave when I remembered so I asked the guy to quickly show me the PCV. In just a few minutes there were three of them looking. Finally I know this truck does not have one nor a spot to put one.
AH HA!!! I thought my truck was the only one with NO PCV valve!WHEW! Mine is 93 S10 Sonoma, 2.5lt, 5 speed...I did the same,about 5 yrs ago, bought all the tune up stuff, air/fuel filters, plugs,cap,rotor...PCV valve...& its NO where to be found! Ive talked to a number of ppl,mechanics at GMC!! & they look at me like im dumb! Just cause Im female, DOESNT mean i dont know my way around an engine!I still have this PCV valve, also in my glove box..lol. There isnt even a place to put in in the valve cover, so i guess this lil truck just isnt meant to have one! Thanks for confirming im not crazy! I recently purchased another identical truck..& go figure, IT HAS a PCV!! Makes no sense to me! UGH!
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