Where else to look for problem source for fuse-blowing cigarette lighter? on 1992 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

I plugged my GPS into the cigarette lighter and could hear a fuse blow ("click" sound). All fuses in the fuse box checked out OK. However, since this incident I don't have any interior lights, radio, nor cigarette lighter. When checking the voltage on the 10 amp radio fuse (in the fuse box), the meter read out 5.3 volts. Shouldn't that be at least 13V? The van is a Mark III conversion.

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Replace fuse and try another power cord say for a cell phone to see if the problem is in the gps cord
or the lighter/power outlet. All fuses with power should read battery voltage. Both sides of the fuse.
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ck grds or cig lighter receptile
Check ALL fuses. The radio should have more than one fuse, at least one unswitched for memory , and one for switched power for operation. May have additional , if external amp in system. And , yes voltage at fuse should be battery voltage when energized.
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