Where does the thermostat go? on 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

I had my thermostat removed when my car was having overheating issues. Those overheating issues has been resolved but I am trying to find where my thermostat goes. If I try to put it where the thermostat housing which is connected to the manifold. the hole on the manifold is too large and the thermostat will fall into the hole. Am I missing a piece to stop the thermostat from falling into the manifold intake hole?

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Take your car to a garage and have a thermostat installed! You would be doing yourself a big favor! Most likely save money in the end as it can be costly if it is not done correctly! Lower hose t-stat replacement rquires special cooling system refill procedure as well...!!!!
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The pipe to the lower hose to engine. it installs opposite as the top would. The spring still goes into the engine not the hose as you might think.
Im sorry I dont understand what you are saying. The "spring". Can you be more simple as I do not know much about cars.
Do you have the thermostat, if you look at it you will see a spring look on one side.
I am asking where to put the thermostat. does it go under the thermostat housing and if so what is going to stop the thermostat from falling into the hole of the manifold intake. Right there is a spring side. But if I let the thermostat go it will fall into the hole where the thermostat housing connects to the manifold. That is nothing there to stop it from falling into the mainfold.
I told you where it goes, read and think, don't see where the problem is, lower hose!
the lower hose. ok. so it does not go in the same place as the thermostat housing. I understand now....thank you. So I would need to go under the car to reinstall the thermostat. Thank you

Every picture I have looked at is showing it to be in the same place as the thermostat housing this is why I was confused. But thank you so very much.