1998 Mitsubishi Diamante Q&A

1998 Mitsubishi Diamante Question: Where does power steering fluid go?

Hello, I've lost my manual for my car and I know it needs power steering fluid, but I cannot figure out where it should be poured. Can you please give me a hint?? Thanks a bunch -
Answer 1
There is a little reservoir with a little cap on it. Just remove any caps until you find the reservoir that has power steering fluid. Good Luck! -
Answer 2
There is a fill cap on the transmission itself! Open the cap and see if you can feel the fluid inside. If not fill it through that fill plug, until you can touch it with your finger. Make sure you only put your finger in to the first knuckle!!!! -
Comment 1
I trid to open it and it won't open....what should I do? Please help! -