where do you put the transmission fluid in on 1998 Kia Sephia

we need to know where you put transmission fluid in on a kia sephia 1998 please help we cant find where tp put it

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it is on the driver's side about in the middle and it does not look like any other cars. it is just a little round tube and the top just has just has a lid with a little slit handle. it does not look like that is where it would be but it is.
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Tranny dip stick tube w funnel. While running warmed up, fill to between 3rd and 4th notch (from Bottom) on dip stick.
if its a 5 speed then you dont
if its a manual transmission there is no dip stick in the engine department. the fill port is on the top /side of the tranny itself.
were the dipstick is