where do the vacuum leaks happen for spark plug #4 on 2005 Dodge Stratus

i get a code p0304 co2 sensors have been changed plugs also if u reset code it comes back on cold start so i would guess its vacuum leak??

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you have misfire on cylinder #4, re-checked the wires,spark plug and coils. CEL lights keeps coming back if not fixed.
yes mis fire keeps comming back when u start engine next day ...don't know how to check coil i can change wire from one plug to another?i noticed idle sped-up and goes back down on start-up
i tried that also ruff idle till warms-up power is good can take-off no misses..started engine for 30 sec turned off and checked plug 4 wasn't wet maybe vacuum leak but not sure where on intake?somewhere near intake for plugg 4 i guess??
what u think ty