Where do the camshaft sensor go? on 1998 Toyota Camry

Engine light on and code says camshaft sensor. Mechanic says the camshaft sensor is unplugged but he doesn't know where it goes. Where does it go so I can get this fixed

Asked by for the 1998 Toyota Camry
on cyl head p/s so it can read the camshaft sensor. i don't think much of your mech if he can't find where it goes.find a new mech to find the camshaft sensor
They found the sensor they just say that the spot to put it isn't there and its possible the previous owner changed the engine
poss put in a japanese take out that doesn't req the cam sensorwhich means its an older motor and poss was carb motor that they adapted
If this is the case what do I do?
live with it i guess
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