1997 Pontiac Firebird Q&A

1997 Pontiac Firebird Question: Where do I find replacement parts for drivers side power window?Broken rollers?

Window off track and loose inside door-believe dealership said its broken rollers-having a hard time finding the part. one was found, sent, only to find same part was broken. Back to square 1. Where to find the part? -
Answer 1
www.parts.com is the only place I can find it http://www.parts.com/oemcatalog/index.cfm?action=getPartLocator&chapter=&year=1997&makeid=28&model=Firebird Put window regulator in the search box -
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thanks for the info however part was finally found guess 3rd time was the "charm" Total cost parts+labor=$309 is that average or high? Hope the same thing doesn't happen to the passenger window, it was hard + expensive enough finding the drivers side but thanks again for the info for future reference -
Answer 2
RockAutoParts.com seems to have almost everything I have ever needed for my 1997 Trans Am 5.7L V8. Decent prices and reasonable delivery times. -
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Thanks! I'll keep that info for future reference.For now my Bird is up and flying as if she was young again! A vision of automotive beauty-can you tell I still love her?!! She still gets out to run and play but I love my Jeep Wrangler as well. One for speed,one to get wherever I may need to go,through, up,around or over!!! Thanks again for the info... -