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2002 Toyota Tacoma Question: Where do I find a sensor P1135?

My "check engine" light is on. Took it to someone who checked it for me. He said I need a sensor P1135. Replacing it is fairly simple. Where do I find the sensor and how do I install it? Is there a diagram that I can read and follow as for direction? The check engine light is on all the time. I'm due for a smog check and I need to repair the problem. Thanks! -
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You'll definitely need to fix this before you go for your smog inspection. This is a common issue on these engines, so I suggest going to Youtube and performing a search to see if there's some info. I bet you'll find something because of the high failure rate. Good Luck -
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i agree but to be sure you should get a real diag from a real tech at a real shop. there are several issues with 1135. the sensor is not cheap and you want to be sure you are doing the right thing Roy -
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Good points Roy, thanks for the back-up! -
Answer 3
Hello Roy and Bret, Code P1135 is for Bank 1 sensor 1 O2 Sensor heater circuit failure. Its the one code on a Toyota that is always correctly identified as a failure. Disconnect the O2 sensor check the two black wires at the sensor side of the harness for continuity if they are open the sensor is bad. Use a Denso sensor, NGK or SNG sensor that is a direct fit not a universal fit sensor. -