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2001 BMW 330i Question: Where do I add antifreeze and sealer?



believe, Encinitas, CA, October 24, 2012, 16:10

I've added Antifreeze 3 times already only for it to leak out. I was told to add a "sealant" with the Antifreeze? I don't know where to put it? Do I put the Antifreeze in the resorvoir and at the same time pour in the "sealant"? Or does the sealant go into another area like the radiator? If so, where is the area where I should pour in the sealant? Please help me. As I don't know where the radiator is (where to put in the sealer). I can't afford to pay a mechanic and this is the only car I have. Also, after the fluids are put in, do I let the car sit for a certain time until the fluids penetrate accordingly thus "sealing any leaks there may be" or can I drive the car and if so how soon?


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