Where could I get a fuel tank sensor. Where is the sensor located. on 2009 Chevrolet Avalanche

engine light code is PO451 which is my Tank sensor per chevy dealer. Is it possible I could change it myself with a little basic mechanic experience.

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agree with miles
Thanks for reply!
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Requires removal of fuel tank to replace. It is generaly not something most folks are equipped to do safely. Also that code can be caused by other compotents in the system. My guess the dealer has already done the diagnosis to come to the conclusion that sensor needs to be replaced. Assuming you decided to do it yourself you probaly owe them some bucks to get it out their shop for diagnosis charges.
Thanks so much for reply. I will not be doing it myself, I did this with a 1997 Jeep G.C. All though successful was very hard tedious procedure.