Where can I go to have the ABS Control Module rebuilt? on 2003 GMC Yukon XL 1500

Need to find a local company who rebuilts ABS Control Modules. VIN number is 1GKEC16T13J208122

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If you don't find someone local e-mail us we have rebuilders with 5 year warranty on module related defects for around $130 plus shipping Our database indicates your vehicle uses a Kelsey Hayes 325 ABS. The module typically fails when the ABS pump starts running continuously. Remove the ABS fuse to prevent ABS motor burn out.

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A1cardone is a good resource, may be able to help, I just got a computer back from SIA electronics seem like good people (800) 737 0915

Where are they located??

nothing local. there is a place called A1 cardone in phila. pa. that remans them. 3-5 days plus shipping.

not by vin number, by the control unit number

Nice to see you are 'with the program' and privide a VIN to aid our diagnostic routine.
I am showing several different options for your 2003 GMC Truck-Yukon XL1500 Anti-Lock Brake Pump;

Assm, (L. frame below cab), active brake cont (opt JL4)
Assm, (L. frame below cab), w/o active brake cont; trac cont (opt NW7)
Assm, (L. frame below cab), w/o active brake cont; w/o trac cont
Precharge Pump Motor, (L. frame rail in eng bay), (active brake cont, opt JL4).

Please advise as to which part we are servicing.