where can I go to fix my cigarette lighter? on 2003 Lexus ES300

cigarette lighter went out about a month ago, within a week, I went to the orland park Illinois dealership to get it repaired. within minutes they changed a fuse, and I was gone, 2-3 days later I put in a device, my GPS, or my phone charge, and it stopped working again. I called orland park, and brought it back, within mins, it worked, a day or so later, it stopped again. I told them the first time, instead of a fuse, it could be the wiring, they seem to not listen, can you suggest another place, or can I go back to orland and insist on them looking at the wiring? I already paid $80 for nothing

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if they charged you $80 to change a fuse I would take it back there and tell them there must be a short somewhere probably in the lighter itself and make sure they fix it right and that this is the third time there...
IF the fuse keeps blowing AND it happens AFTER you plug in whatever device to the power outlet , then STOP USING that device!! MANY adapters for the power outlets are not compatible and/or could be faulty.Seen it to many times!!Carry extra fuses and learn HOW to replace it.