Where can i find DIY manual to replace windshield washer reservoir on my own? on 2001 Toyota Corolla

Recently, i bought windshield washer reservoir from carparts.com. I would like to replace it on my own. When i ask google, it says i need to remove the right tire to install new one. I don't know, is that right process. Could you explain steps or refer any link to the manual/video that will be great.
Thanks in advance!

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Did you try youtube?
Yeah, i tried.. but i could n't find for 2001 corolla.. i found for 2003 and above.. Thanks for reply..
I am pretty sure on this year there are two bolts on the fender and then it lifts straight out. Look at the new one it should be obvious if you have the right part.

Remove one bolt up front and the tank slides foward and upward, transfer parts, reverse procedure to install. According to the YOUTUBE video i just watched!!!! They are different starting in 2003. All you need is a 10mm wrench! Well lets just say that should be all the hand held bolt removal equipment needed rather! It takes just a 'little' bit more than that. You know? wow! Are you a student @ Wake?
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It's because you have to remove the wheel well, or splash shield, to access the reservoir.
It seems, i need to contact mechanic to replace it.. Thanks for the reply..
Why; we are mechanics/technicians; remove the tire, remove the fasteners for the cover to see into the opening at the lower fender and then it's not complicated to remove and replace the tank.
Sorry for the confusion that i don't have proper tools(trolley jack) to remove the tire.. That's the reason to contact mechanic.. I will ask my friends, if anybody has. Otherwise, i need to buy new one, and try it out..