where can i buy the wire set(s) to totally rewire a 94 toyota corolla on 1994 Toyota Corolla

i have various electrical problems for my car but it runs great so i just want to rewire it

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I don't think you can buy a full wire harness....and not trying to be hard but it may be much more of an endevor to rewire any car. More than one would think. You could take it to someone that specilizes in electrical repairs and have them fix all your issues for a fraction of cost.
thanks but every time i've taken a car to a specialist/mechanic i get screwed
Pehaps you have not found a good one. I don't think rewireing a car is a possibilty unless you plan to totally tear car down remove engine, all interior panels, dash, etc.
yeah if thats what it takes ill do it, for me the hardest part aint the labor, its finding the parts
The only way to get compleat wire harness that I know of is strip it from another junk car...and that car would have to be identical in how its equipped.