2009 Jeep Patriot Q&A

2009 Jeep Patriot Question: Where are the two thermostats located on this car

No codes.... but it usually won't get past 1/8 on the gage [ that is ok ] after 20 minutes idle time ...usually runs at 3/8 on the gage after an hour of driving...never gets to 1/2 on the gage. Had the local dealer replace them at about 15000 but it didn't change anything...now they say the car in within specs as designed... -
Answer 1
It would be good to know what the temperatures really are. The dash gauges are not considered scientifically accurate instruments so I'd get a Jeep specialist to check the temps with an accurate instrument and see if there's really a problem. You don't want to run an engine cold, it's bad for emissions, will shorten oil and engine life and reduce fuel economy. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=55025&car_brand_names=Jeep -