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1994 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Where are the spark plugs

The car is not turning over to start and I was told it was the spark plugs. The car is an automatic we put new breaks and master cylinder. Put in some gaskets and now the car is not turning over and starting. I am told that sometimes when driving it will just stop and has to be restarted. Ha not happened to me yet. -
Answer 1
Hi Janice, It's highly unlikely that the spark plugs are causing these problems. I need to get one thing cleared up, when you say "not turning over", does that mean you cannot hear the starter operating? Is the battery charged and are you seeing the lights come on in the dashboard? -
Comment 1
I can hear it trying to start and the battery is charged as far the light in the dashboard they do not work it was sold to me that the over head light goes on the radio work, when we were stalled in a parking lot some one was touching different things and wires and then it started, got it home now it does not start can hear it trying. I cannot find the spark plugs. -
Answer 2
Make sure the cables on the battery are tight sometimes they become loose without us relizing it. If they are on tight and not moving when a lil force is used. Try getting a new starter. But don't throw the old one away because you can bring it to the store where you purchased the new starter at and get a rufund for the old one. -
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