Where are freeze plugs located on engine on 1997 Dodge Caravan

Where are freeze plugs located on engine?

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They aren't really freeze plugs, they are called "core plugs" and are there to plug holes necessary for the casting process. In the very old times they may have been thought to help avoid damage from freezing coolant but in my experience didn't help much.
They are located in the cylinder block, on the sides and front and back. Can't remember for sure, but there could be two plugs located in the flywheel area covered by the transmission.
Thank you, Superbob. I have water that is coming out of something directly under what I think is the exhaust manifold. It is a lot of water coming out so does that sound like a core plug to you? It's way too low to be a head gasket, isn't it? If you could let me know, I would appreciate it. I was going to take it up to a mechanic but I always like to know what is wrong before I do. Bill
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There are a number of "Freeze" plugs located in various locations around an engine block. They are designed to create a point where water can expand out when it freezes rather than cracking the engine block. These also have been known to corrode in rare occasions.