where are camshaft plugs located and how many? on 2003 Toyota Camry

hello---I have 157,000 on car, original owner, and dealer serv. I notice I have slight oil seepage from valve cover, front near alternator. have been told in other forums, that this is common on that engine. they recommended new valve cover gasket, and also replace the cam plugs. where are the cam plugs located?
are they under the cover, when they remove that to replace the gasket? I got est from dealer for 139.95 to replace VC gasket, but what about these cam plugs? do you really think its necessary, and where are they located? thanks

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The camshaft plugs are located in the cylinder head just under the surface of the valve cover gasket. They are there to fill voids left when machining the surface in the cylinder head that the camshaft rotates on. The cam plugs on older Toyota engines were made of rubber and over time got hard and brittle and did leak. Newer Toyota engines (yours) have these plugs made of aluminum and do not need to be replaced if it thought they are leaking you can take them up, clean both surfaces and use sealer on them. I forget the cut off date for ignition distributors on that engine but the distributor O-Ring is a frequent oil leak area as well.