where and how it the AWD/4WD relay labeled,in the power on 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

I noticed driving in the snow that my rear wheels are not engaging,I do not know how the AWD/4WD relay is labeled,what letters of designation identify it and it"s position.Because I do not see AWD or 4WD letters any where!?

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Looked at the wiring diagram and there is not one, just the transmission safety shutdown relay.
thx,do you think a rear axle is bad? is there a drive gear on rear passenger axle? what engages the rear axles?
It's an automatic engage, from what I understand the transfer case works or it doesn't work. From the research I remember, when it doesn't work it is recommended to be replaced because of the way it's built. It does work off of the right shaft, and if it's not working there must be internal damage to the transfer case or rear differential.
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