Where and how do I put on a High Pressure discharge hose regarding to my A/C. on 2006 Nissan Xterra

I was told I needed to replace my high pressure discharge hose on my 06 Xterra, after getting the hose it seem very simple to put it on myself. I was wondering is it or will some extra thing needed to be done. I dont think it $250 worth to put on and it seems so simple.

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Your better off having a shop replace this because once its reinstalled you will need to pull a vacuum on the AC System to eliminate any oxygen and refill with the proper amount of freon or the system will not cool. and you can check prices here and locate a shop near you here
Thank you for your response, If you could answer this for me. If i decide to change it myself can i change it then take it to get feron put in it. Whats this vacuum thing and will i mess up the ac if i put the part on myself cause it looks so simple to put on.
The only problem with that is it won't be under warranty, Shops don't like to give a warranty if they don't do the complete job. The vacuum pump is hooked up to your system with a series of hoses and gauges that are connect to a freon tank so they can simultaneously pull a vacuum and then refill with freon to the proper level. But give a shop a call and ask for a AC Recharge estimate.