when u start the car should u hear the pump ? on 1999 Buick LeSabre

after the tech put in a new pump a week later we have the same problem i dont hear the pump ingauge is it a defective pump or something else?

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Fuel pump? Does the car run? suspension air pump? ABS pump self-check?
no the car will not run, it will turn over but wont start.... what does your anser mean ? abs
Anti-Lock Brakes is what I was referring to as ABS. I don't know what your mechanic did to verify the fuel pump as faulty , so I'll have to assume that it was only PART of the problem.If he's able to verify power to the pump assembly (fuse(s) & relay OK), then the next things I'd question are the ignition system and security(chip in key). If it's related to security chip , see if another key will work.Again...making an assumption that you have extra key(s).
i want to take the time to thank you for yr help, again i found a bad wire before the pump , replaced the wire an the car runs great , i dont know how they missed this , however we r very happy to be back on the road ; ) thks......
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What was your problem befor? Where did the pump come from? If you can hear really good
and listen at filler neck while someone turns the key on,you may hear the pump run
for about two seconds(gas cap off) bump starter(not crank) just bumb the starter,pump
should run each time for about two seconds. Make sure it quiet when you do this dogs
barking ect.
the problem was a bad wire on the harness before the pump ,,, thank you for yr help..
You are welcom. Glad you got it fixed.